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The Power Plant - Part 1

A wheezing noise started, and a red phone box appeared on the rubble covered surface of the planet. The sound stopped, and the door swung open. "Celliri, ya sure dis da place?" BoB asked, looking over the rubble. A breeze blew over the rubble, and lots of dust flew off into the wind. "Yes BoB, the escape pod piece should be in this general area," Celliri said. BoB shut the door behind him, and started walking away from the escape pod. In just a couple of minutes, he was at a huge hole in the ground. "Well, BoB not gettin down dat," BoB said, and walked back to the escape pod. 

"Celliri, how deep iz dat hole?" BoB asked once he was back in his escape pod. "It's miles deep BoB. We don't even have enough rope to get down there," Celliri said. "But BoB can fly!" BoB said, and got out the joystick. The escape pod lifted off the ground, and BoB pushed forwards on the joystick. BoB got to the edge of the hole, and they started descending. The monitor on the wall opened up, and the exterior of the escape pod light up. "Danger, BoB. We can not go any deeper. We are getting to close to the planet's core, which is giving off some strange energy, interfering with the equipment," Celliri said. BoB made the escape pod ascend a little, and looked around. He saw a tunnel in the side of the hole, and flew inside of it. The tunnel got narrower and narrower, until it opened into a large metal hexagonal room. BoB landed his escape pod, and opened the door. The room was covered with large chunks of stone debris, and dust covered the metal floor. In the center of the room was a small metal structure in the shape of a pyramid, with a wire  on each side, pointing up. BoB flipped a switch on the side of it, and a blue bubble of energy appeared above it, then flickered away.

"Wat iz dat, Celliri?" BoB asked. "It is some form of force field generator. It must have been guarding something inside of the force field," Celliri said. "So it wuz a safe den?" BoB asked. "It would appear so," Celliri said. "Den sumthin important must uv been hear," BoB muttered to himself. BoB looked at the wall opposite him, and saw there was a huge chunk of concrete in front of it. BoB pulled as hard as he could, and the concrete tipped over. Behind it, BoB saw an elevator shaft, with its doors stuck open. BoB poked his head inside, and looked down. Below him was the elevator, crumpled into a heap. One floor above BoB, the doors of the elevator shaft were also open. BoB walked back to his escape pod, and took off. He flew into the elevator shaft, and rose up, until he could get out the other doors. BoB landed his escape pod, and stepped out.

The walls were blackened by ash, as was the floor. Nothing else was in this room, just a cabinet that had fallen off the wall. BoB looked around, and saw something in the ash on the wall. He walked over to it. There was the outline of his escape pod in a clean section of wall, as if it had blocked ash from touching the wall behind it. Chiseled into the clean section of wall were numbers, and a message. The words "take it",  and and an arrow pointing down towards another cabinet. BoB opened it, and inside was a TV remote. "If ya say so, strange wall message," BoB said, and walked back into his escape pod. "Celliri, wat are doze number on dat wall?" BoB asked. "They are coordinates, it seems," Celliri said. "Where will dey take BoB?" BoB asked. "Back in time by about six hours, and move us ten feet to the left," Celliri said. "Exactly where dat scape pod outline iz. Like BoB thought. Celliri, any idea how long itz been since whatever destroyed dis place occurred?" BoB asked. "Running calculations... An explosion large enough to destroy an entire facility of this size, at the current temperature it's at, the explosion must have happened approximately... two hours ago, give or take a couple of minutes," Celliri said.

"Den dat mean BoB have bout four hourz to find da scape pod piece before wat ever explosion happenez, and destroy da entire place," BoB said, and pulled the dematerialization lever. "Celliri, to doze coordinates! Wez got four hours ta get a scape pod piece before everythin go boom!" BoB said, and the column started rising.


To be continued...

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