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The Other Dimension

"Well, stopping' him from gettin elected didn't work," BoB said, back in his escape pod. "But wat would would happen if BoB stopped him gettin his tiny hands on dat life support device? Would the universe collapse?" BoB asked. "No. As long as the only change you make is that he doesn't get that technology, he would never live long enough to ruin the world like you saw earlier," Celliri said. "Good," BoB said, setting coordinates. BoB pulled the dematerialization lever, and the escape pod started making the wheezing noise.

BoB's escape pod shook, and BoB looked outside. He saw black energy swirling from the side of the tunnel of energy, and grabbed the joystick. BoB tried to steer the escape pod away, but the pull of the black energy was too strong. The view outside the door was nothing but darkness for a few seconds, until the lights flickered, and the wheezing noise started.

BoB opened the escape pod door, and looked around. He seemed to be in a normal city, with a few people walking around. BoB looked at the escape pod, and saw that lots of black energy rising off it like steam. 
"Celliri, wat iz dis energy?" BoB asked. "Unknown energy. It was released when the central column of the other escape pod was shot, dousing the exterior in it. This energy has not been found anywhere else in the universe," Celliri said. "Well, time to find out where BoB iz den," BoB said. "All BoB need ta do iz find a newspaper."

An hour later, BoB walked deeper into the city, still not having found a newspaper. There were a lot more people walking around now, and BoB finally found a place to buy a newspaper. BoB put in the change, and grabbed a newspaper. "It would really just be easier if BoB'z smart watch actually worked for normal smart watch thingz," BoB said. "It does, BoB," Celliri said. "Really? Becuz BoB doezn't have an instruction manual," BoB said. "Not after you threw it at an alien that was chasing you, no," Celliri said. BoB looked at the newspaper, an saw everything was written backwards. "Nice newspaper. BoB'z not payin just to get a glitchy newspaper," BoB said, pulling out his remote. He made the machine release another newspaper, and the glass in the machine rippled. This newspaper was also backwards. 

"Iz glass supposed to ripple?" BoB asked, walking over to a car. BoB aimed the remote at a car window, and pressed the button. Everything around BoB started to ripple. Suddenly, a creature appeared through the car window and started to grow. The creature was blue, with tentacles on the bottom half of it, and had pincers for arms. The head was round, flattened on top, and it had four pincers around its mouth. "You have crossed universal boundaries. Prepare to be destroyed," the creature said. "Universal boundaries? Wat doez dat mean?" BoB asked. "You have crossed universal boundaries. Prepare to be destroyed," the creature said, before firing a green beam of energy from one claw.

"Wat does it mean universal boundaries? Celliri, wat iz dis?" BoB asked, running away. "Error. All coordinates are negative numbers. This is not possible," Celliri said, as the creature emerged from the shiny black wall of a building. "BoB got it!" BoB yelled. "Ever look in a mirror and think yer seeing another world? Well ya are. It's dis one. Almost every action iz almost da same, but it'z mirrored. It'z so similar, the universes are connected by mirrors. When ya see somethin in a mirror, you're not seeing a reflection of dat thing, you're seeing through into the other reality, where the thing iz in the same place, but mirrored. And these creaturez come out of any reflective surface, because dey patrol both universes and attack anything that'z done something without the same action being performed in the other," BoB said. "BoB, how are you sure?" Celliri asked. "Because, the whole time BoB'z been running, BoB'z been looking in anything reflective. And there's no reflection of BoB." 

"But what does that mean?" asked Celliri. "It means we wuz sucked here, without dis universe'z 'scape pod being sucked through the other way. So since dare'z two BoBz here now, dey want to get rid of both. If BoB can get out of here, den dey should stop," BoB said, as he rounded the corner and saw his escape pod. The creature behind BoB shimmered out of existence, and reappeared through the glass in the front door of BoB's escape pod. BoB rolled under it, and opened the door. "Celliri, iz da coordinate still in da system?" BoB asked, shutting the door and rushing towards the control panel. "Yes, you just have to pull the lever," Celliri said. "Good. BoB just need it to grab da scape pod now," BoB said, turning on the monitor. The creature grabbed the escape pod, and it shook violently. The creature started to suck away the black energy that was still rising from the escape pod. BoB waited until he was sure it had taken most of the energy, and pulled the lever.

"Dare. Now dat it'z sucked off most of dat energy dat pulled da scape pod here in the first place, we should be able to get to where we wuz trying to go," BoB said as the wheezing started. There was only blackness for a couple of seconds, until the escape pod materialized in the tunnel of energy. "Dare, now lets actually get where we wuz suppose to dis time, okay?" BoB said, and the escape pod started to wheeze.

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