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Long Wait

"Celliri, ware iz we headed?" BoB asked as his escape pod started to materialize. "We are landing on Triton, one of Neptune's moons," Celliri said, as an image of it popped up on one of the screens. "It lookz like a giant cantaloupe," BoB said. "It is unknown what causes that sort of terrain. It's surface is covered with ice, and it appears to have cryovolcanoes that erupt on its surface," Celliri said as the escape pod landed. "Records indicate that the planet has slowly been heating up for the last couple thousand years for unknown reasons, possibly related to the planet's core heating up," Celliri said as BoB put on his spacesuit. "It should be eazy to find da scape pod piece if it'z an uninhabited moon," BoB said, opening the door. BoB looked on a digital map in the corner of the spacesuit's visor. "Celliri, why'd ya park so far away?" BoB asked, heading towards the signal of the escape pod piece. "It was not possible to land any closer due to dangerous terrain," Celliri said. "So it'z better to walk a couple miles in dangerous terrain with volcanoes?" BoB asked, walking back into the escape pod. BoB grabbed the joystick, and flew the escape pod closer to where the signal was.

The entire escape pod shook, and BoB fell to the floor. "Celliri, wat wuz dat?" BoB asked, grabbing the joystick and trying to get back in control as the escape pod twisted wildly through the sky. "Your driving skills flew the escape pod right above a cryovolcano as it erupted," Celliri said. BoB managed to get the escape pod back under control, and flew on, until they were close to the signal. BoB Looked at the monitor again, and saw that they were now further away. BoB pulled the escape pod back, and they were suddenly closer to the signal. BoB brought the escape pod down, and opened the door. "But whyz dat?" BoB asked, opening the door. "For dat to happen, da scape pod piece would have to be straight down from here," BoB said, about to step out the door. Right in front of BoB, a giant blast of ice erupted, shot off into space. "Well, itz a good thing da scape pod haz a forcefield," BoB said.

The escape pod was now positioned right at the edge of a large slope on the hole where the ice was blasted out. The hole was a couple miles wide, but at the bottom of the slope, there was something looking like a dull bronze. "Well, lookz like BoB'z going down dare," BoB said. BoB got a long cord meant for spacewalks from a closet hidden in one of the walls, and hooked one end of it to a handle on the control console. BoB checked to make sure he had the Universal Remote in one of the space suit pockets, and jumped out the door, sliding down the smooth icy slope.

At the bottom, BoB saw a metal hatch with a wheel on the end of it. BoB turned the wheel, and the hatch swung outwards. BoB looked inside, and his tether pulled tight, stopping him from going any further. BoB took the tether off and stepped inside, closing the hatch behind him. BoB saw the inside had a breathable atmosphere, and took his helmet off. BoB looked around, and saw he was in what looked like a small ship, with blue and green hologram screens along one wall, and a long couch looking thing at the other, with hatches all along the wall behind it. At the other end of it was what looked like a door, with a screen next to it. BoB pressed the screen, and the door opened up into a small airlock with another screen. BoB pressed on the other screen, and the door in front of him opened as the one he had just came out of closed behind him.

The area outside the airlock was a giant room so high BoB couldn't even see the ceiling. It featured a giant glass column filled with a faintly glowing dark blue liquid, which appeared to be the only source of light, leaving the edges of the round room dark. In the liquid symbols seemed to float by slowly, changing as they rose up to the ceiling. To BoB's right the ceiling sloped downwards into view, where it led to many massive hallways. The walls of the hallways seemed to be filled with smaller tubes, stacked on top of each other, all of them filled with a blue liquid like what was in the big column. The hallways all had balconies facing the giant column, with no visible way to get up or down from them. There were no staircases, and no shafts that could have any sort of elevator. The hallways all stretched on too far to see the ends of them, leading into darkness.

BoB walked over to the giant column, and saw a gray stone looking slab connected to its side. On the ground in front of the slab was a round platform in the floor, made out of the same material. BoB touched the slab, and it was filled with a blue glow like the mysterious liquid was giving off. The strange symbols that had been floating up started to float back down the column, appearing on the glowing slab. "Celliri, wat iz dis?" BoB asked. "It appearz to be a keyboard, but if it iz, den why iz da letterz not being automtically translated?" "It does not match any language recognized. It may be because nobody has ever encountered this language, or because the language is so old nobody uses it. Programs are being run to decipher the language, checking the future and past to see anything that may decipher the language," Celliri said.

BoB tapped on one of the symbols, and the platform he was standing on shook. Blue handrails appeared on the edges of the platform as it floated up, and over to one of the balconies. Halfway towards it, another platform jut like it floated next to it the opposite way, empty. The platform BoB was riding one settled into a indentation that the other platform must have just been in, and the guardrail disappeared. BoB walked down the corridor, past thousands of tubes stacked on top of each other. BoB looked in one, and inside he could see a vague outline. "Dis stuff iz probably used in suspended animation hear," BoB said out loud to himself, walking down the corridor further.

BoB inspected more as he went down the hall, but the liquid was too thick to see more than a vague outline of each tube's inhabitants. "Freeze, Rosgak spy!" yelled a voice behind BoB, as a gun was pointed at his back. "Ah, hello, how are are you?" BoB asked, whipping around. "Nice weather we're having. Well, actually not weather, dis is a space ship, ya probably don't get much of dat around here. Anyway, BoB here'z a profesinal sign inspector, and- oh, nice face," BoB said, as he looked at the creature pointing the gun at him. It looked vaguely like a person, but with a pterodactyl-like head. It was wearing an armor made from the same stone like material the keyboard on the tube was. There were groves in the armor where more blue liquid ran through, with the same symbols as in the column.

"Cease your talking, spy," said the alien. "And hello to ya too. Who are ya?" BoB asked. "I am Gavak, third in command on this Hafrean warship," said Gavak, angrily. "BoB'z BoB, head of da... uh, escape pod, time traveling telephone booth." "You will be taken to the commander. He shall determine if we kill you first, or let you rot in the holding cell," Gavak said following BoB down the corridor. "Izn't dat a bit much? Ya could just give BoB a tank you, maybe a nice welcoming party or something. How'z BoB supposed to inspect signz when dis stupid ship doezn't even have any?" BoB asked. They eventually came to a platform like the one BoB rode on before, but much larger. Gavak pushed a couple of symbols on a panel like what was connected to the column, and the platform rose up.

The platform came to a stop in a large domed room, where the walls and floor were made out of a reflective black material. On the side of the room BoB was facing was a throne, also made out of rock-like material like almost everything else. Above the throne was a white tinted window, which didn't have anything to be seen out of it other than the ice that surrounded the planet. Sitting on the throne was another Hafrean, bigger than any of the others, which must have been its guards. "Bow before General Rathalnar of the Hafrean army," said Gavak, bowing. "Sir, this Rosgak spy has somehow snuck aboard the ship, and was inspecting the suspended animation tubes when I found him," said Gavak. "Is that a Rosgak? They certainly have changed a lot in the hundred years we were gone," said Rathalnar.

"Hello General, dis iz BoB, and BoB'z got a very serious complaint about your hospitality," BoB said. "How did you get aboard this ship?" asked Rathalnar, angrily. "BoB'z ship landed on dis planet, and right az BoB got out, somethin exploded in front of BoB. In da crater it left, dare wuz a hatch, which led to an escape pod and into the ship," BoB said. "The defenses around this planet were supposed to be able to keep everything out," Rathalnar muttered. "Well, dey certainly weren't," BoB said.

"Why did you come here? What information do the Rosgaks want from our mission?" Rathalnar asked. "BoB'z not a spy. BoB iz traveling da universe to find lost piecez of BoB'z time machine. BoB landed here looking for one, not to spy on anythin. But now dat you asked, wat iz dare on dis ship? Dare thousandz, maybe millionz of Hafreanz on dis ship in suspended animation, but why? Iz dis some sort of ark? The last survivors of yer planet, sent to space to find a new planet?" BoB asked. "Why would we answer your questions, Rosgak spy?" asked Rathalnar.

"But den if dis wuz a ship for da last survivorz, why would ya build a planet around it dat haz an atmosphere ya couldn't breathe?" BoB asked. "You mean the Rosgaks don't know about the ambush?" Rathalnar asked. "Ambush? Ya built a whole moon just fur an ambush? Dat seemz like a lot of work just for an ambush," BoB said. "Either the Rosgaks have sent their stupidest spy, or you're playing dumb," said Rathalnar. "The war between the Rosgaks and the Hafreans has lasted thousands of years. Nobody who started the original conflict is still alive, nobody knows who started the war or why. Because nobody knows what had started this war, nobody is willing to sign any sort of peace treaty," said Rathalnar. "So da only solution iz to shoot each other into extinction and hope you were right?" BoB asked.

"You will not interupt the general," said one of the guards, pointing a halberd-like weapon at BoB. "The technology necessary for ships to travel long distances in short amounts of time was lost as the war dragged on. Both sides went from sending hundreds of ships a day to launching only a few ships. Because the distance between the planets is so great, it now takes hundreds of years to send ships to the other planets, by which point the other side has already gotten the information and sent a counter attack." "So as your war goez on, you lose more and more resourcez ya need to build ships. As da war goez on, ya loze more and more progress. One way or another, you might be forced to find peace, maybe becauze everyone ran out of shipz, or becauze someone, somewhere will get some sense and surrender," BoB said. "If there ever is peace, it will be because the Rosgaks have been eliminated!" yelled Gavak. "You will not interupt the general!" yelled a guard, the tip of his halberd now glowing green.

"The Hafrean army got information that the Rosgaks were sending a final fleet, consisting of all their remaining ships and warriors. We had no way to fight back. We didn't have enough ships or firepower to destroy them. But one day, a secret weapon appeared out of thin air. A strange wooden red panel appeared. Our scientists were able to find a strange energy on it, something they reverse engineered. This energy allowed our ships to travel faster than they had in centuries. They came up with a plan: they would build a massive warship with this new technology, and disguise it as a moon. The entire force of soldiers they sent out would be put into suspended animation for one hundred years, when the Rosgak fleet would be in the prime position of the warship to fly over to it, and destroy the entire fleet. The entire planet would be almost defenseless and we would send every remaining ship. We could finally destroy the Rosgaks, or force them to serve us," Rathalnar said. "Sir, something's wrong," said a Hafrean guard, stepping off another platform.

"What is it?" asked Rathalnar. "The systems indicate no sign of the Rosgak battle fleet," said the guard. "Hm. The army must have found something that could destroy them while we were in suspended animation. Gavak, order the execution of plan B: launch an attack on their planet, enslave or eradicate all Rosgaks," said Rathalnar. "Yes sir," said Gavak, making what must have been a Hafrean salute, and descending on the platform the guard came in on. "You, take the Rosgak spy to the holding cell for questioning," Rathalnar said to the guard. The guard stepped on the platform BoB was on, and pushed a couple buttons. "Bye general, and tanks fur da history lesson," BoB said as the platform went down.

Within seconds, they were in a lower level than the suspended animation tubes, and the guard locked BoB into the prison cell. "BoB'z terribly sorry," BoB said, getting his Universal Remote out of one of his spacesuit pockets. As soon as the guard's back was turned, BoB pressed the pause button on his universal remote, and the guard froze. BoB unlocked the cell with the Remote, and ran onto the platform. "Let'z see, it only haz three settingz. Dat wuz da one dat brought BoB to da general, and dat one brought BoB down hear, so dis haz to be da right one," BoB said, pressing the remaining symbol. The platform shot up, and BoB ran down the hall.

"Celliri, iz dare any progress on figuring out da language?" BoB asked. "A small amount, but nothing that would be able to translate the entire language," Celliri said. "Iz it enough to translate coordinatez?" BoB asked. "It might be able to, why?" Celliri asked, as BoB got on the platform leading to the column. "Becauze we need to get a warning to da Rosgakz. It doezn't matter who started dis war, nobody dezervez to be enslaved or erdaicated without at least being warned so dey can fight back," BoB said as the platform landed. BoB looked at the stone slab, and saw he could make out a few words. BoB saw the coordinates, and pressed the seek button on his Universal Remote to summon the escape pod. The escape pod materialized around him, and BoB rushed to the controls. "If BoB showz up 2 hourz earlier dan it iz now, maybe datz enough time to warn them and give dem a chance," BoB said, pulling the dematerialization lever.

The escape pod materialized, and BoB stood up from the chair he had been sitting in. "Hopefully da air iz breathable, BoB forgot da space helmet back on da Hafrean ship," BoB said, checking the monitors. "Itz not, but we haz a forcefeild, so BoB can at least look outside," BoB said. BoB opened the door, and saw nothing. BoB looked all around, and only saw space. He dashed back inside, and checked the coordinates. "We in da right spot, and da right time," BoB said, looking outside as if the planet would appear. "Unless... oh no. We iz in da right time, itz dem whoze not," BoB said. "BoB, what do you mean?" Celliri asked. "Never mind dat, we need to go back to dat ship, ya alwayz listening through da watch BoB wearz anyway, you'll hear when BoB dramatically monologz." BoB said, setting the coordinates for the ship.

The escape pod materialized on the ship again, and BoB rode the platform to the suspended animation tubes. BoB could see the liquid was starting to drain from the tubes. "Dey waking up for da attack," BoB said, jumping on the platform and sending it up into the general's room.

"What are you doing here? How did you escape?" asked Rathalnar. "Not important," BoB said. "What do you mean not important? Why would you escape only to come up here and announce your presence?" asked Rathalnar. "BoB escaped a couple minutez ago for you. BoB uzed da time machine to try and warn da Rosgakz of yer attack," BoB said. "So you were a Rosgak spy!" Yelled Rathalnar. "No. Ya see, dare iz no Rosgakz," BoB said. "What do you mean? Of course there are, we've fought them for thousands of years," Rathalnar said. "But dare aren't any anymore. You wuz only supposed to sleep for a hundred yearz. But Celliri, BoB'z computer, said the planet your ship was disguised as had been slowly heating up for centuries. And da reason Celliri couldn't translate yer written language wuz becuze by da time most other inteligent life formz were venturing into space, yer planetz were gone. Dare wuzn't enough left to ever figure out da language, so dare aren't enough recordz for da scape pod to find. You haven't been asleep for a hundred yearz, you've been asleep fur at least ten thouzand. Both plantez, Rosgak and Hafrea are gone. Dey were destroyed thousandz of yearz ago," BoB said. "You're lying, Rosgak spy!" yelled Rathalnar.

"No. Check yer systemz. Dare iz no planetz anywhere near where dis ship iz headed, and dare haven't been for thousandz of yearz." "The Rosgaks must have sabotaged us, there's no way we could have miscalculated so wildly," said the general. "No. Ya never did miscalculate. It waz all planed frum da begining. Dey knew da only way dey would end da war wuz to destroy both planetz, so they built a ship. BoB wuz right in da begining wen BoB said it wuz a ship full of da last survivorz, just nobody knew it yet. Dey built dis ship to send enough Hafreanz off so dey could maybe find a new planet to inhabit. Dis ship wuzn't disguized, it wuz sent here to slowly turn into an inhabitable planet. Only somethin didn't go as planned, and now it's an uninhabiatable icy wasteland," BoB said.

"Then what will we do now that we have no Rosgaks to fight, and no planet to live on?" asked Rathalnar. "Da first thing ya should do iz find another planet to live on," BoB said. "Set the systems to scan for the nearest inhabitable planet," Rathalnar said. "Yes sir," said one guard, stepping onto a platform and descending. A couple minutes later, the guard came back up on the platform. "Sir, the nearest inhabitable planet appears to be very close. It is a planet called Earth," said the guard. "Set the course for Earth then. IT will be our new planet," said Rathalnar. "Scuze BoB, but ya can't do dat. Darez people on dat planet, ya can't just take it over," BoB said. "I am the general of the last surviving Hafrean ship. I can and will do whatever I want," said Rathalnar. Rathalnar pushed a button in one of the armrests on his throne. "Our plans have changed," he said, broadcasting himself throughout the ship. "Our planet and the Rosgak's planet were destroyed ten thousand years ago. The army knew this would happen, so they sent an entire ship out to find a new planet. We have found that planet, but it is inhabited. You must prepare for battle to take over this new planet," said Rathalnar, switching the speakers off.

BoB aimed his Universal Remote at the button the general had pressed and turned it back on. "Don't prepare for battle if ya don't want to be destroyed. BoB haz a time machine dat lookz like a  big red box parked near yer big blue column. Everyone who wantz to escape should get in dare. Everyone who thinkz BoB can't or won't destroy dis ship to save a planet can stay on board and get ready for battle," BoB said, switching the speakers off and using the Universal Remote to remotely unlock the escape pod door. BoB could hear thousands of footsteps on the floor below, as thousands of Hafreans ran towards his escape pod. "BoB will give ya one last chance, general. Do ya want to attack dis planet, of find a different uninhabited one?" BoB asked. "Prepare for flight towards Earth," said Rathalnar, and one of the guards rode a platform out of the room. "Dat wuz a very bad choice," BoB said, activating the platform he was standing on.

"Celliri, how long should it take dis ship to get to Earth?" BoB asked, running through the crowd. "It should take about eighteen minutes for the ship to get to Earth," Celliri said. BoB saw a hallway leading off to the left, and looked inside. At the end of the hallway was just a platform. BoB got on the platform, and pushed the only symbol it had. The platform rose straight up, and BoB saw he was in a room he hadn't seen before.

The room was huge, but smaller than any of the rooms he'd seen so far on the ship. It was completely dark, lit only by the faint glow of the blue liquid running through many tubes. BoB turned his Universal Remote on, and used it to turn on some lights that were hidden around the room. BoB saw that every set of tubes had more stone slabs with symbols on them. "Celliri, iz dare anythin ya can do to translate more of da language?" BoB asked. "No. Nobody in all of history has been able to figure out the language. There's no way to figure it out," Celliri said, as the ship shook. BoB fell backwards as the ship took off. Now that the ship was in flight, bubbles were shooting through the liquid in one tube. "Celliri, BoB'z just going to cut their fuel off, dat should stop dem, right?" BoB asked. "No. Their ship will carry on forwards, crashing into the planet," Celliri said. "Okay, bad idea. New plan: start pushing buttonz," BoB said, pushing buttons at random on the stone slabs. Something rose from the center of the room. BoB saw it was another suspended animation tube. Inside was a piece of BoB's escape pod.

BoB looked at the stone slab connected to the tube, and could manage to make out a few words. "Doez dat say weaponz system?" BoB asked out loud. "Of course, dey somehow uzed da power of da time energy da wuz still on da escape pod piece to make their weaponz even stronger. Dey might have even figured out how to erase thingz frum time," BoB said, pressing buttons wildly, hoping to release the escape pod piece. BoB got out the Universal Remote and used its laser cutter to cut through the tube.

BoB grabbed the escape pod piece, and put it in one of his smaller-on-the-outside pockets in the spacesuit. "Let'z see, dat'z a targeting computer, dat'z fuel, dare weapon systemz iz slowly lozing power now..." BoB said to him self, looking around. "Oh, dare we go, now datz a plan," BoB said, getting back on the platform back down. "Come on, can't dis go any faster?" BoB said as the platform floated down. "Oh, yes it can," BoB said, using his Universal Remote to take control of the platform.

BoB flew down the empty corridor on the platform, and landed it right next to his escape pod. BoB didn't see anyone else heading towards his escape pod. "Last chance fur anyone who wantz to survive dis," BoB yelled over the speakers. "You have a couple minutes to get down to da blue column and in the red box," BoB said, turning off the speakers. BoB went into the airlock to the escape pod he had left his helmet in, and grabbed it.  BoB saw nobody else heading towards his escape pod, so he dashed inside and closed the door.

"BoB would really appreciate if ya all could go into a different room or somethin, BoB really needz da space," BoB yelled into the giant crowd of Hafreans in his control room. They slowly went through the door into another room in BoB's escape pod, and BoB went to the controls. "Celliri, find a place dat Hafreanz could live in, and materialize dare as fast az possible," BoB said. The escape pod started to make its dematerialization sound, and it took off. "Why is it so important to be there fast if this is a time machine?" asked one Hafrean that was still in the control room. "Couldn't you just come back the second you left?" "Sometimez, yes," BoB said, slipping switches and pushing buttons. "Why only sometimes?" asked the Hafrean. "Becuze like history, da rulez of time chance constantly. Wat workz sometimez might change. BoB might be able to appear exactly when we wuz one time, but da next time it might be relative to BoB again," BoB said, as the escape pod started to materialize. "What do you mean history changes? History doesn't change, it's... history," said the Hafrean. "It doez. It changez a lot, ya just don't notice becuze ya don't have a time machine. Like dis planet we've landed on sayz it was never and will never be inhabited. But as soon az BoB openz dat door, history will change, and it will say it haz been inhabited," BoB said.

"Everybody out, we've landed," BoB said over the intercom. Hundreds of Hafreans ran into the control room, running towards the door. BoB checked the systems, and it showed the only Hefren left on the escape pod was the one BoB had been talking to. "Ya need to get out of here right now so BoB can save a planet. Dis place haz treez and animalz, Celliri'z syystem'z say it should be inhabitable," BoB said. "But what if we don't manage to survive?" asked the Hafrean. "You will. Da systemz say da Hafeanz live for millionz of yearz on this planet. Da system can't be wrong," BoB said, slowly pushing the Hefrean towards the door. "But you just said history can be changed," said the Hafrean.

"Some thingz can be, but only relatively small thingz. Almost nothing could change so much it could destroy an entire civilization before it even started," BoB said, managing to get the Hafrean out the door. "You'll all survive, probably. BoB haz some tools fur ya, hold on," BoB said, grabbing a box out of the hidden closet. "Dis box haz lots of thingz you'llneed, like lighterz, matches, axes, spearz, and some food and water rationz. Ya can definately build a new planet if ya have toolz and stuff," BoB said, putting the box down outside. "BoB will come back sometime, and see how itz getting along," BoB said. "But for now, BoB really, really needz to save a planet," BoB said, shutting the door and taking off.

BoB materialized on the ship, a little later than he had left. "Celliri, how long doez BoB have left?" BoB asked. "You have an estimated five minutes and fourty six seconds until the ship is in position to fire, six minutes and three seconds until it lands, and six minutes and four seconds before it crashes into the planet."

BoB broadcast himself through his escape pod all throughout the ship. "Hello, ya may have noticed ya don't have much firepower. Dat would be becuze BoB stole yer secret weapon. So now yer only optionz seem to be to give up, or crash into da planet. Not very good choicez," BoB said. "We will destroy you. We will destroy your ship, then send our escape pods out to collect the secret weapon," said the general over the speakers. "Good luck with dat," BoB said as the escape pod dematerialized and flew alongside the ship.

From the outside, the ship was shaped like a cone with a flat tip in the front, and it grew vastly wider around the back where the engines were. The whole thing was made out of the same stone-like material as everything else, and the etchings and grooves along the ship's exterior looked like the cantaloupe-like markings that were on the planet around the ship.

"Celliri, how long do we have until dare weaponz are out of power?" BoB asked, grabbing the joystick. "You have about four minutes until the ship's weapons are too weak to fire," Celliri said, and a countdown appeared on the screen. A giant blast hit the escape pod, and the entire room shook. "BoB needz to stay close enough dat da weapon system can target BoB, but BoB needz to be slowly leading dem away frum dare course," BoB said, dodging another blast from the ship. BoB kept swerving and looping, dodging blasts, but slowly moving his escape pod to the left. A ringing was coming from the escape pod phone.

"Watever it iz yer selling, BoB doezn't want it," BoB said, hanging up the phone. The phone rang again, and BoB picked it up. "How'd ya get dis number?" BoB said, hanging up again. The phone rang again. "Just because it says phone across the top of it doezn't mean ya should be calling it," BoB said, hanging up again as the escape pod got hit again. The phone rang again. "You sure don't give up, do ya?" BoB said, swerving around another laser. "Don't hang up this time BoB," said a voice from the phone. "Why not?" BoB asked. "This is the queen of the planet Indrusia," said the queen. "Never heard of it. Look, could ya call back later? BoB haz just taken down da weapon systemz on a ship dat'z about to hit a planet and iz currently dodging lazerz. Could ya call again in five minutez?" BoB asked as the escape pod rolled out of control.

"You saved our planet from the apocolypse of monsters before. You came up with the solution to-" the queen started. "Stop, don't say anyhtin else. BoB'z a time traveler, dat hazn't happened yet. Ya can't tell BoB about BoB'z future, even if it'z already happened fur ya," BoB said, getting the escape pod under control. "So letz see, BoB saved yer planet frum monsterz in da futre or da past, and den gave ya da scape pod phone number. Why ya callin right now den?" BoB asked. "You left instructions to call this number at exactly this time and tell you that you need to come to the  Kaganag galaxy diplomatic meeting because somebody is planning an assassination," said the queen. "Oh, and you also left instructions to tell me to have you turn left as hard as you can, right now," she said.

BoB turned left, and saw the ship turn sharply towards him. "Celliri, iz it off couse enough to miss da planet yet?" BoB asked. "Yes. Systems indicate it is currently headed towards Jupiter," Celliri said. "Good," BoB said, setting to coordinates for the ship's engine room.

The escape pod materialized in the engine room, and BoB cut the fuel lines to the rockets. "Now dey can't turn. Dare stuck on dare course," BoB said, stepping back into his escape pod, and picking the phone up again. "Alright, BoB'z coming," BoB said. "There was something else I was supposed to tell you," said the queen. "You have thirty six hours to stop the assassination."

"Why would BoB say dat? Well, it'z BoB'z instructionz, dare has to be a reason. See you five seconds ago," BoB said. BoB could hear the sounds of his escape pod materializing as he hung up the phone. "Celliri, trace dat call and land dare, we have an assassination to stop," BoB said, as the escape pod dematerialized.

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