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BoB Returns to the Future (Part 2)

"Greatest execution? Why should BoB care if it da greatest execution, BoBz gonna be dead by the end of it," BoB said to the five Trumpbots pointing guns at him. "Unless ya don't do yer jobs right, but den it wouldn't be da greatest execution. Actually, it could be, if ya really suck at yer jobs and miss shooting everyone else by milez," BoB said. "Cease-talking-and-prepare-for-the-greatest-exectuion," ordered the Trumpbot. "But Trumpbutts, can't you just not shoot fur a second, so BoB can tell ya what a bad idea it iz to let BoB have a remote dat controls technology, and den send robots to execute BoB?" BoB said, and pointed the remote at the Trumpbots. BoB pressed the button, but nothing happened. "All-models-of-Trumpbots-are-shielded-from-all-external-forms-of-technology. You-have-made-a-mistake. Just-the-greatest-mistake. Prepare-for-execution. Your-Execution-will-make-Trumpland-great-again," the Trumpbot said.

"So it not been great in the hundred and one yearz since Trump got elected?" BoB asked. "Error. Logic-is-being-used-by-the-enemy. Logic-is-not-allowed-by-order-of-Trump-prepare-to-face-maximum-execution," the Trumpbot said. "Maximum execution? Dat not even make sense. Did Trump just throw words together because he thought dey sounded good? Actually ya, dat'z exactly wat he would do," BoB said. "You-have-offended-Trump-you-will-face-the-biglyest-exectuion-yet. Trumpbot-weapons-ready." "Before ya shoot BoB, BoB has to tell ya what a bad idea it wuz to not take BoB'z technology controlling remote, while BoB iz close to a hologram projector," BoB said, and pressed the button on the remote. Hundreds of holograms of BoB appeared, and BoB started running back to his escape pod.

"Celliri, iz evertything in da scape pod fixed yet?" BoB asked as the Trumpbots shot at the holograms. "Switch-to-heat-vision. Target-located. Proceed-with-biglyest-execution," the Trumpbots said. BoB looked back, and saw wheels had deployed from the Trumpbots' feet, and all five were chasing him. BoB swung the door open, and slammed it shut as the Trumpbots banged at the door. "Celliri, can we go somewhere a couple miles away frum da Trumpbots?" BoB asked. The escape pod dematerialized, and appeared in a field, far away from any Trumpbots. 

"So, let's see, we have to go see Trump and shut down doze Trumpotz before we can find da scape pod piecez, otherwise they'll keep trying to execute BoB," BoB said. "Trump's location is unknown. He is hiding somewhere, and does not show up on any scans. Wherever he is, it may be made out of the same material that covers the planet," Celliri said. "So den, let'z see, Trump like to brag about anything, he makes skyscrapers... Celliri, wat'z da tallest building on da continent?" BoB asked. The location popped up on the screen taking up one wall of BoB's escape pod. "Of course, he'd pick da second largest skyscraper if he wanted to live in a skyscraper, letting anyone attack da tallest skyscraper while he'z in another one, if he wuz smart" BoB said, and pulled the dematerialization lever. "BoB, where are we going?" Celliri asked. "To da tallest skyscraper!" BoB yelled.

"BoB, something is seriously disturbed here," Celliri said. "Seriously disturbed? Dat's definitely Trump," BoB said. "No BoB. Time and space are very disrupted here, and the top levels have some sort of forcefield preventing landing. We can't land on the top floor, but we've landed as close as we can," Celliri said. BoB stepped out, onto a floor of a building. The floor, walls, and ceiling were all completely black, and so were the doors. The place looked like an apartment complex. BoB started to look around for a staircase, but there wasn't a staircase on the floor. "Staicase, appear!" BoB yelled, and pushed a button on his remote. A staircase rose from the floor, made out of the same black material as the walls, and a hatch slid open in the ceiling. "Oh, dat worked," BoB said, and climbed the staircase. The next floor looked just the same. BoB used his remote again, and made another staircase. BoB climbed a few more staircases, before he got to a floor where the floor and ceiling were orange, the walls were white, and a staircase wouldn't appear.

"Celliri, why won't da staircase appear?" BoB asked. "The pervious floors were made with a material that could be manipulated by signals passing through it. Since the remote affects electronics and you wanted a staircase, the remote sent out a signal and programmed a staircase. But only the floor here is made out of that material, and since the ceiling won't open, the staircase doesn't appear," Celliri said. "So iz BoB on da top floor den?" BoB asked. "According to the buildings blueprints you are. But there's still room for another floor to be above you. It could be hiding a secret floor for Trump to live in," Celliri said. BoB inspected the ceiling, and saw a camera hidden in one point, pointing straight down. "BoB found da secret," BoB said. "Face-unauthorized. You-do-not-have-permission-to access-this-floor," said a voice from a speaker.

"If dat'z where Trump hidez, den hiz face must be da key. Oh, BoB got an idea," BoB said, and pointed his remote at the floor. He pressed the button, and a Trump face appeared in the floor. "Face-authorized. Access-granted," said the voice, as a hatch opened, and a ladder dropped down. "BoB never want to have to think of Trump's ugly face again," BoB said, as he climbed the latter.

BoB climbed up the ladder, and saw the room. Two walls were a bronze-ish color, and the other two were silver. There were no windows, and there was no sign of anyone living here. There was tons of machinery all around, and a safe in one of the walls. BoB looked over at the safe, and tried to open it with the remote, but nothing happened.

"Hello, public enemy number one. You're trying to steal the most important scientific discovery ever made?" said a voice behind BoB. "Trump! Where'd you come from?" BoB asked. Tump ignored him, and carried on. "Luckily, I have the greatest safe to hold it all. Just the greatest safe. This is one more thing to add to your list of crimes. Your list grows bigly with each minute you spend here. But you don't have that many more minutes, because you're about to be executed, and this time it will work," said Trump, and a Trumpbot grabbed BoB.

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