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BoB Returns to the Future (Part 1)

"Celliri, where'z we going' next?" BoB asked. "We are heading towards the only known cube planet in the universe," Celliri said. "Iz dat where da next scape pod pice iz?" BoB asked. "Yes. Many of them all appear to be gathered in one location on this planet," Celliri said, as the wheezing noise started. "BoB, you'll need a space suit to go out on that planet, there's absolutely no atmosphere," Celliri said, and BoB ran off. As the wheezing stopped, BoB walked back into the control room wearing a spacesuit. BoB opened the door, and stepped out onto the planet. Under BoB, the planet was made entirely of metal. "Celliri, iz da whole planet like dis? Made out of metal?" BoB asked. "Yes. The most recent reports indicate this planet consists of entirely this material. This metal is resistant to any sort of scanning, so it is unknown if the whole planet is metal all the way through, or if it's just the surface," Celliri said. BoB continued to walk, until he looked at the ground.

"Celliri, does anyone live on dis planet?" BoB asked. "Unknown. No life signs detected, but if their homes were made out of the same metal that makes up this planet, they would be impossible to scan," Celliri said. "So den, why iz dare deez weird groves on da surface?" BoB asked, and bent down to examine them. They seemed slightly curved, and seemed to curve towards where the escape pod was. BoB continued walking, and came to a huge groove, a huge circle around where BoB had landed his escape pod. "Celliri, wuz we forced to land here? Because dis spot seems to coincidentul fur us to just land here," BoB said. "We landed here with no sign of outside interference," Celliri said. The ground under BoB started rumbling, and BoB started to run back to his escape pod. "Celliri, watz going on?" BoB asked. "Some form of technology is opening underneath us," Celliri said, as the metal groves started splitting apart. "So dis is sum sort uv space hatch thingy dat's gonna open?" BoB asked. "Not going to. It's already opening," Celliri said, as the hatch opened completely, with BoB and the escape pod falling through.

BoB was falling through the sky, with his escape pod still a couple hundred feet away, spinning wildly. BoB angled towards it, and tried to grab the door handle. He managed to grab it, and pulled himself towards the door. He put his feet on the edges, and pulled the door open. BoB grabbed the inside of the door frame, and pulled himself through. "Celliri, why BoB able to stay on da floor in hear?" BoB asked as he pulled the door shut. "It's because the interior is in another dimension, and because of artificial gravity. But if the system breaks, we'll go spinning out of control in here," Celliri said. BoB grabbed the joystick to pilot the escape pod, but it wouldn't work. There was a crash, and the whole control room shook. BoB opened the door,but gravity pushed him back into his escape pod. BoB grabbed on to the outside, and pulled himself up. He saw his escape pod had landed lying down, but still intact. BoB closed the door, and dematerialized the escape pod, rematerializing it standing up.

BoB walked out without the space suit helmet, and looked around. "Celliri, dis place look highly familiar. Where and when is we?" BoB asked. "Unknown. Those systems are currently malfunctioning after the crash landing," Celliri said. BoB looked around at the neighborhood. It had a bunch of different styles of houses. There was a normal, modern house, there was a futuristic floating house, and an old castle tower, all right next to each other. "Dis place looks very familiar, but BoB'z never been hear befour," BoB said. BoB walked off, and started looking for anything he might recognize. "Celliri, how far iz it to da scape pod pieces?" BoB asked. "It's not to far, but it would probably be easier to materialize there. Unfortunately, we can not dematerialize until all systems are fixed," Celliri said. "Ya do dat, and BoB'll figure out where it iz we landed," BoB said.

BoB continued to walk, but all he saw was more random houses. BoB saw a person up ahead, and ran up to talk to them. "Hello? BoB just need a minute to ask bout where it iz dat BoB iz," BoB said, but the person continued walking, without even looking at BoB. "Celliri, why dey act like dey can't hear BoB?" BoB asked. "We might have some form of fault in the systems, where while you are here, they can't see or hear you," Celliri said. BoB jumped in front of the person, and started jumping up and down. The person jumped back, and walked around BoB, giving him a nasty look. "Nope, definitely can see BoB," BoB said.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a house flicker for a second, but when he looked at it, it was the same as before. BoB noticed a flicker in the sky, and looked up at it to. "Wait a minute. Celliri, watz da weather like?" BoB asked. "The weather is clear, at-" "No. It'z not clear. it'z startin to get rainy," BoB said. "Impossible. All the atmosphere measuring instruments remain undamaged," Celliri said. "Dat wat BoB thought," BoB said, pulling the remote out of one of the space suit pockets. He pointed it at the sky, and pressed the button. The clouds flickered, and disappeared.

"Holograms, people who can't hear BoB... dis iz very familiar. Let'z see, BoB wuz hear last before da scape pod blew up, and before the interior changed, so it must have been... oh no," BoB said. BoB pointed his remote at one of the houses, and pressed the button. The hologram flickered away, and a large metal cylinder was standing there. "It iz. Celliri, do ya know wat year it is yet?" BoB asked.

"That information has been recovered. It is October 22nd, 2516, and you are on Earth," Celliri said. "Dat mean BoB'z..." "Wanted. Most-Wanted. Just-The-Most-Wanted." "No, actually, BoB wuz goin to say one year after when BoB got hear in dat DeLorean, Trump controlled da planet with hiz army of Tumpbots, and den BoB robbed the 7458th National Tumpbank. Wait, Trumpbotz? Oh," BoB said, and turned around. He saw five Trumpbots holding guns at his head. "You-Have-Admitted-Guilt," said one Trumpbot. "You-Will-Now-Be-Executed. But-Do-Not-Worry. It-Will-Be-The-Greatest-Execution. Just-The-Greatest."


To be continued...

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