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BoB Flies a Space Plane Surrounded By Magic

BoB's escape pod flew through the red and purple vortex, and BoB was on the floor as his control room spun around. BoB looked through the glass door, and saw different places fly by very fast, then fading out into a red tunnel, with bolts of energy flying through it, occasionally hitting the escape pod. Suddenly, the whole control room seemed to warp for a second, and the lights in the walls started to flash, faster then they ever had before. Instead of the usual wheezing noise his escape pod made as it landed, it seemed high-pitched, and much faster. Suddenly, everything shook, and there was a thump. Gravity seemed to go back to normal, and BoB got up.

"Celliri, wat happen?" BoB asked. "We flew into the paradox, and it threw us through points in time were other paradoxes occurred, because we tried to escape the pull of the paradoxes. But we couldn't escape, and it kept sucking us in, until the emergency landing feature kicked in. However, landing while flying through a paradox damaged the systems. Wherever we landed, it seems we have opened some sort of wormhole in the vicinity," Celliri said.

BoB opened the door to his escape pod, and saw that in front of him was another door. BoB opened that, and saw lots of people seated in front of him. BoB looked around, and noticed it was an airplane. "Oh great, so da scape pod lands in da bathroom? Just great," BoB said. BoB looked around, and he saw it was black outside the windows. BoB figured it must just be night, until large rock flew past the window. BoB looked through another window, and saw what looked like a planet. "Celliri, where on earth iz BoB?" BoB asked. "Error. You are not on earth," Celliri said. "Oh. Oh, dat VERY bad. VERY VERY BAD," BoB said.

BoB suddenly wondered why people weren't panicking at this news, and saw that all of the passengers were asleep. "Wait a minute. Celliri, why can BoB breathe in space?" BoB asked. "Unknown. Let's just go with magic for now," Celliri said. "Okay, dat sound good. Dat wat BoB figured anyway," BoB said. "BoB should kinda get deeze peplez ta earth though. It might be bad if dey, like, stuck in space," BoB said. "Celliri, can ya open da door to the cockpit?" BoB asked.

Suddenly, the doors opened, and BoB walked in. The door closed behind him, and BoB saw the pilot and the co pilot were asleep. "Well, good thing BoB here ta help den if dey all asleep," BoB said. BoB moved the pilot out of his seat, and grabbed the wheel. "How BoB fly dis thing?" BoB asked, and tilted the wheel. The plane did a barrel roll, which almost knocked BoB over. "Celliri, why dare gravity on a space plane?" BoB asked. "Magic," Celliri said. "Oh, okay," BoB said. "Celliri, can ya give BoB directions back to dat worm hole?" BoB asked. "Turn around," said Celliri. BoB turned the plane back around. "Now what?" BoB asked. "Your destination is straight ahead," Celliri said.

BoB saw a small red speck ahead, which grew larger and larger the closer they got. Eventually, they were about to fly through it, and a blast of energy fired inside it. "Celliri, what iz it?!" BoB asked. "That is the wormhole. It appears to be made out of the same energy the paradox was," Celliri said, right as the plane flew through it. There was a huge bump, and the plane sped up. BoB tried to keep bolts of energy from hitting the plane, but a couple still hit it. "Celliri, make da force field around da scape pod big enough for this entire plane, so it safe!" BoB said. "BoB, we are approaching the middle of the worm hole. Once we get past the mid point, the whole plane will be trying to tear itself apart, so you have to fly it out as fast as you can, before it breaks apart. If we're lucky, the wormhole will collapse in on itself as we fly out of it," Celliri said. The plane shook violently, and BoB heard a groaning noise, like the plane was breaking. BoB heard people screaming from the rest of the plane, and figured he should help them not panic.

BoB hit the fasten seat belts sign, and started talking over the intercom. "Hello, dis iz yer new, uh, mercency captain speaking, and would like ta remind ya to fasten yer seatbeltz. Now, ya may be wondering 'what dis red, swirly, energy firing lightning at us?' Or maybe; 'why did they not warn us bout red, swirly, energy before we took off?' Or maybe ya thinking; 'AHHHHHHHHH WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, CAN DIS COOL, MAZING, PROBABLY HANDSUM MERGENCY PILOT SAVE US?' Well, BoB probably can," BoB said. "We're almost out of the deadly red swirly stuff anyway, so it probably fine. We should be safe within minutez. But it gonna get a little bumpy az da plane starts ta get free of da worm hole, so BoB suggests dat ya all HOLD ON TA YER SOCKS!" BoB yelled, and the plane shook even more, and the energy outside started to move faster and faster.

BoB saw a blue speck up ahead, getting bigger and bigger. "We almost out!" BoB yelled. The plane was almost there, but seemed to be slowing down, and the the energy seemed to be collapsing towards them. "BoB, the wormhole is collapsing in on itself! We have to get out of here before it does, or we'll be destroyed!" Celliri said. "BoBz wurking on it, okay?" BoB yelled, and he made the plane fly as fast as it could. The end of the wormhole, leading out to the sky, was rippling like it was made out of water. The plane suddenly started picking up speed again, and they burst out of the wormhole, as it shut behind them. 

BoB walked out of the control room, and saw everyone staring at him. "Good news, peplez! Ya can stop holding on to yer socks now, cuz we're safe! By da way, dis wuz all just a dream, and ya can go back to sleep now. Except da peplez flyin da plane, cuz dey still asleep. But whateverz. Now, go back ta sleep!" BoB said, and opened first the bathroom door, and then his escape pod door. 

"Why wuz  dey all sleepin if it wuz day on earth?" BoB asked. "We arrived three hours later then when the plane originaly flew through, because of messed up time and space. They will now be three hours late when they land," Celliri said. "Well dey should be happy! Dey not fly out into space!" BoB said. "Anyway, dare wuz no scape pod piece, but BoB guesses dat way happen when ya make a emergency landin to escape a paradox," BoB said. "Speaking of paradoxes, don't pull that lever yet, because-" Celliri started, but BoB had already hit the lever. "Why? Wat gonna happen now?" BoB asked. "The paradox caused damage to the demateriallization circuits, which means we're going to fly right back into the paradox!" Celliri said, and the control room started to spin uncontrollably.


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