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BoB and the Water Planet (part 2)

Last week, BoB went to a planet covered entirely by water in his quest to get pieces of his old escape pod back. He saw some sort of underwater base as he was being chased by sharks, and went inside. 

BoB saw a window, and looked through it. He saw the shark staring back at him. "Ha ha ya poopy shark! Ya can't get BoB! Ya would have to break da window!" BoB said. The shark hit the glass, and the glass cracked the tiniest bit. "Oh. Well, even if ya did get in, ya wouldn't have any water to swim in! Ya could only get BoB if ya broke the hole place down!" BoB said. Suddenly, he heard a bumping noise from the other side of the building. BoB turned his head slightly, and saw there were lots more sharks outside. "Oh. Ya brought friends, did ya?" BoB asked. Suddenly, there were lots of loud thumping sounds as sharks rammed the building, and water started leaking in.

"BOB DINDN'T WANT  YA TO BREAK IT ALL DOWN, DUM SHARKZ!" BoB yelled. The sharks rammed the building again, and the water started leaking in faster. BoB looked around for a way out, and found a door. He ran towards it, and pulled it open. It lead to some sort of tunnel, and BoB closed the door behind him. He ran through the tunnel, until he saw a door on the other end. He swung it open, and immediately peered out the windows to make sure there weren't any sharks outside. He looked around the new room, and noticed a desk with a computer on it. BoB walked over to the computer, and turned it on. It immediately opened to an email account, with an email opened. The email said: "Plans for bases on new planet have stopped. Your complaints about the sharks have been recognized. Please return to our planet immediately."

"Oh good! BoB not da first one to make shark mad! Deeze iz sharkz with anger issues!" BoB said. BoB looked closer at the monitor, and noticed something. "Hey, wait a minute! dat look like a windo of BoBz old scape pod!" BoB said, and checked the map in the corner of his diving helmet. "It iz!" BoB said, as he started the break apart the monitor to get the window out. There were more thuds as sharks crashed against this section of the building, and water started rushing in. "BoB, can't you just take the whole monitor?" Celliri asked. "Yer right!" BoB said, and ran back through the tunnel to the entrance, carrying the monitor. When BoB got to that room, it was half flooded. BoB walked to the exit as quickly as he could, and tried to open the air lock. It was stuck. BoB looked around, and saw a gap big enough to swim through. BoB swam through the gap but there was a shark on the other side, waiting for him. BoB smacked it on the head with the monitor, and the window of BoB's escape pod broke free. BoB grabbed it, and swam as fast as he could back to his escape pod.

BoB swam straight up next to a cliff, and looked behind him. He noticed that the sharks were catching up fast. "CELLIRI, WAT CAN BOB DO?!" BoB yelled. "BoB, you do have a jet pack built into your diving suit. All you have to do is press a button on the outside of your helmet," Celliri said. "Why didn't ya tell BoB befour?" BoB asked. "It was right there in page one of the instruction manual," Celliri said. "Dare wuz a instruction manuel?" BoB asked. BoB pressed the button on his helmet, and he went shooting up. "BoB, the jetpack is on auto pilot. It will take you right back to the escape pod, but you'll have to swim for the last couple yards, because there isn't enough power," Celliri said. Even with the jet pack, the sharks were still very close to BoB. The jetpack started to slow down, and BoB started to swim as fast as he could. "Celliri, open da door!" BoB yelled, as he got close to his escape pod. The door swung open, and a little water spilled out the door. BoB swam into his escape pod, and the door swung shut.

Inside, his escape pod was filled with even more water than before, so BoB had to swim  to pull the dematerialization lever. "Celliri, how dis get filled with more water den before?" BoB asked. "This water appears to have some form of microscopic life, that can put out water. The water was appearing faster than it could evaporate, so the whole control room filled with water. We're going to materialize in the middle of space with no force field, and blast all the water out, so I suggest you hold on to something," Celliri said, and the column started rising and falling as the wheezing noise began. BoB grabbed on to two different levers, and held on as tight as he could as the door opened. All the water was sucked out. The door closed, and BoB fell to the floor of his now dry control room.

"Celliri, where iz we now? Iz dare another scape pod piece here?" BoB asked as he took the diving suit off. "No BoB, the next piece isn't anywhere near there. We appear to have arrived... oh," Celliri said. "Oh? Wat oh? Why oh?" BoB asked. "The controls seem to have short circuited because of all that water, and we landed millions of years in the past, but in the same location," Celliri said. "So? What so bad about dat?" BoB asked. "By releasing that water into space, it will eventually start to orbit some larger planet. The water will continue to make more water because of the organisms inside of it, and create that planet we were just on, causing a paradox. BoB! We need to get out of here right now!" Celliri said.

BoB ran over and pulled the dematerialization lever, and the escape pod started to fade away, into the tunnel of blue energy. "Dare! We safe now!" BoB said, but suddenly, a swirling red and purple vortex appeared in front of them. BoB grabbed the joystick and tried to fly around it, but the escape pod was sucked in. "The automatic gravity systems are breaking!" Celliri said. "Wat dat do?" BoB asked. "It's what keeps you on the floor, no matter how the exterior is tumbling," Celliri said. Suddenly, the whole control room shook, and the joystick fell out of BoB's hands. "HOLD ON TO YER SOCKS!" BoB screamed as they flew into the vortex.

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