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BoB and the strange planet (Part one)

Last week, BoB picked up an alien on a strange planet, and brought them to earth. The alien tried to eat Denald Frump's cat wig, so BoB was taking him home. BoB put in a destination, and pulled the lever again. The whole room suddenly shook, and everything started spinning.  "Celliri, what's goin on?!" BoB yelled. "You did not let the engines charge properly," said Celliri"Hold on to somethin!" BoB yelled. "Hold on to what?" Al yelled back. "Well, there would have been sum thin, if it didn't break before!" BoB said, as a light blew out. "HOLD ON TO YER SOCKS!" BoB yelled as he pulled a lever, and every light blew out. 

 An emergency light came from the column in the center of the control panel, and BoB started pushing buttons. "Ya no, ya could help BoB, Al!" BoB yelled to the alien. "By doing what?" asked the alien. "JUST PUSH BUTTONZ!" BoB yelled, and the room did a barrel roll. Al started pushing every other button BoB hadn't, and suddenly the column started to rise and fall. "YA DID IT AL!" BoB yelled, as the wheezing noise started. BoB saw that al was fading, but by the time he got over to him, he was gone. "Celliri, wat happen?" BoB asked. "The alien pressed the home button. It should have teleported him home," Celliri said "Can BoB do dat?" BoB asked. "There isn't enough power left. We must land immediately, or we will be stuck forever," said Celliri. BoB started pulling levers, but all that happened was the control room started shaking. The light on the central column started to dim, and BoB finnally found the materialization lever. He pulled it frantically, and the column rose and fell as the noise started. Just as the column stopped moving, the light faded. 

"Celliri, what happen? Did BoB land it?" BoB asked to the completely darkened room. "We almost ran out of power. The emergency systems kicked it, and landed at the nearest point they could refuel. Activating reserve power," Celliri said, as the lights came back on. "Danger. Exterior sustained critical damage. Must reform. Using minimum power requirements to rebuild,"Celliri said, as the interior doors started to glow white. "BoB, you must get out of here, quickly!" said Celliri. "Wat if dare no air out dare? Den wat?" BoB asked. "The systems are sustaining a small bubble around the exterior which contains earth atmosphere and a protective forcefield. It should keep you from dying. Hopefully," said Celliri. The doors swung open, and BoB ran out. He opened the doors for the outside, and they shut behind him. The box was glowing white, and shaking. The light on top started flashing, and it made a noise like it was about to take off. The outside started to break apart not huge prices, and the light flashed faster. It broke into pieces just before it dematerialized, and the prices were gone. A couple seconds later, and the noise started again. Once it stopped, there was a telephone booth, with glass on all sides, and a door that slid open.

BoB slid the door open, to find that he was back in the control room, without having to open the interior doors. He turned around, and saw that the door was behind him, and on the other two sides, there was glass, but where the back should have been, there was his control room. "Celliri, what wuz all dat?" BoB asked. "The exterior was meant to be indestructible, yet you flying before the repairs were complete on the outside, and the low power, broke the outside into small pieces. We only had enough power to make this exterior, which is extremely breakable," Celliri said. "So dat way it have to look like forever now? And ya can break it just by throwing roks at it? Cuz BoB not good at flying, so dat not gonna wurk. Can BoB fix it?" BoB asked. "You would have to find all the original pieces, which have been scattered throughout time and space, because it exploded when it was dematerialized," Celliri said. "Where da closest pice den?" BoB asked.

"Searching. Calculated. The nearest piece is right on this planet. There has been a map downloaded to your watch, which will show the coordinates of the piece. Systems detect no life on this planet, so it should be a safe journey, providing you have the right gear," Celliri said, and a hidden door slid open, to reveal a silver space suit. "This is a temperature controlled fire proof suit, perfect for exploring this planet. You must put it on, as the air bubble outside is fading," Celliri said, as BoB put it on. When he put the helmet on, a display popped up in the corner, showing his the closest way to the piece he was looking for. Luckily, it wasn't that far away. BoB opened the door, and stepped out. The door automatically locked behind him, and BoB turned around. From the outside, you couldn't even see the inside, making it look like a normal phone booth. It would be a perfect disguise, if anybody used phone booths anymore. BoB looked a head, and started walking towards the red blinking dot that showed where the piece was.

As soon as BoB got out of the air pocket, he saw that the planet was ice under him, yet there was fire shooting out of the ground in random places. "Celliri, why it do dat?" BoB asked  into a microphone in his helmet. "This planet is close to a star, so it's normal temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit, yet gravity is so powerful, it compresses all the water vapor together, forming solid ice on the surface, making it unmeetable. The planet also has pockets of unidentified flammable gas which bursts to the surface, instantly catching fire from the heat," said Celliri. "BoB din't need a math lesson." "Actually, it would be qualified as science." "FINE! If ya say it geography, den it geography!" BoB yelled back.

"Danger BoB! Look out!" Celliri yelled, just as fire erupted in a circle around BoB. "BoB trapped!" BoB yelled. "BoB, your space suit is fire proof! You can just run through it it you're fast enough!" Celliri said, and BoB shot off. BoB kept running, and he saw a tiny dot of red on the horizon. "In one mile, you will arrive at your destination," said Celliri. BoB continued running, but suddenly fell over. BoB looked up, and saw an alien looking back at him. "You have escaped the snare," It said. "This will not be tollerated. You will die," It said, as it aimed a weapon right at BoB.

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