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BoB and the Asteroid

In the middle of space, a red telephone box faded in and out of existence, with a white light flashing from the inside. If anything had been close enough to the air bubble that surrounded the box, they would have heard a strange wheezing noise as the box appeared.

"Celliri , why doze round dents in da wall flash dis time? Dey didn't do dat before," BoB said inside his escape pod. "We are now operating under 98% power. They did not flash before because we were low on power," Celliri said. "Why do dey have to flash anyway?" BoB asked. "Because it looks good," Celliri said. 

"Celliri, where iz BoB? Where BoB land?" BoB asked. "We have landed in space, near Jupiter, as you requested," Celliri said. "Oh yeah, about dat... why BoB need to put in destination? It wurked before wen BoB just pull da lever," BoB said. "You had to put in a destination, because you pulled the wrong lever," Celliri said. "Well, which one wuz BoB SUPPOSED to pull?" BoB asked. "The purple one," Celliri said. "DEY ALL PURPLE!" BoB yelled. "Well, if you hadn't spilled grape juice on the controll panel before, you wouldn't have this problem, would you?" Celliri asked. 

BoB walked off to another room, and came back with a bucket of paint. BoB painted the normal dematerialization lever blue, and put the bucket of paint back. "Dare! Now BoB can't get confuzed!" BoB said. BoB pushed a button on a different section of his control panel, and it flipped over to reveal a joystick. 

BoB pulled the joystick, and a monitor appeared on a wall. On it, BoB saw an asteroid circling his escape pod outside. "Celliri, iz dat suppozed ta happen?" BoB asked. "No. We must have materialized right as it was passing by us, and it's now drawn into orbiting us," Celliri said. "BoB don't want ta be killed by an asteriod!" BoB yelled, and pushed forwards on the joystick. "BoB, it wasn't going to hit us, but it will now that you started flying," Celliri said.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" BoB screamed, and hit the button marked "super speed." BoB's escape pod gained speed, but the asteroid trailed behind BoB. "Physics shouldn't be working like this," Celliri said. "BoBz in a magic disappearin time travlin phone box, and ya want ta complain about physics?" BoB yelled. "Collision with Jupiter at current trajectory expected within fifteen minutes. Chances of the asteroid colliding with exterior, 97%. Estimated time before impact, one minute and forty eight seconds," Celliri said. "Yeah yeah yeah, what BoB supposed ta do, disappear?" BoB asked.

"Wait a minute, dat's it! disappearin!" BoB said. He pulled the lever he painted blue, and the lights started to flash as the wheezing noise started. His escape pod disappeared from space, leaving an asteroid speeding for Jupiter.

"Hey, BoB just remembered sumthin!" BoB said. "Congratulations," Celliri said. "Celliri, can ya upload deze picture to BoB'z ofishall site?" BoB asked, plugging a USB stick in the USB port on his control panel. "Uploading. These pictures should arrive on the site on exactly seven PM, April eighth, two thousand sixteen," Celliri said. "Iz it really gonna take dat long?" BoB asked. "BoB, we are traveling through time. When I uploaded those, we were just passing by the date and time mentioned. It took less than a second to upload," Celliri said. "Oh, yeah, dat right," BoB said. "BoB want to land there to make sure doze picture turned out," BoB said. "BoB, we're time traveling to get your pieces of your old escape pod back, remember?" Celliri said. "Oh yeah, dat right!" BoB said. "Den away we GO!" BoB said, and pulled the lever that would automatically take him to the next piece of his escape pod.

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