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The Power Plant - Part 3

BoB walked back to the elevator, and pressed the button. The elevator shook as it rose up, and the doors opened. BoB put the spacesuit back where he had found it, and got in the other elevator. As the doors closed, a bell sounded. "Celliri, wat wuz dat?" BoB asked into his smart watch. "That was the lunch bell. It's now lunch hour," Celliri said. "Wat floor wood dat be den?" BoB asked. "Try floor three," said Celliri. BoB pressed floor three, and the elevator shot up. The doors opened, and BoB saw the huge cafeteria. As BoB got in the line, the elevator doors opened, and more people came flooding out. When BoB got to the front of the line, he was handed a tray with food on it. BoB sat down at one of the tables, and examined the food.

"Celliri, wat iz dis stuff?" BoB asked. "It appears to be a salad, macaroni and mayo-" "Did ya say macaroni and mayo? Ew, BoBz not eating dat," BoB said.  "It's what they eat in the future," Celliri said. BoB took a bite of the macaroni and mayo, and immediately spit it back out, all across the cafeteria floor.  "BoB, everyone's staring at you." "Dat'z normal," said BoB, as he got up and threw the rest of it away. "BoB, you could have at least eaten the salad," Celliri said, as BoB looked around. "BoB doezn't like salad. Anyway, BoB have an apple for later if BoB'z hungry," BoB said, and pulled something out of his smaller-on-the-outside pockets. He looked down, and saw it was a pineapple. "Well, kind of an apple anyway."

BoB saw someone sitting down, who wasn't dressed like anyone else. "Hello dare, BoB routine knowledge check. BoB'z probably late. Or right on time, BoB'z not sure any more," BoB said, sitting down next to them. "Routine knowledge check? What's that?" the person asked. "Dat's where BoB asks ya question, and ya answer," BoB said. "Oh right, one of those." "Now first question: Yer not dressed like any of da miners, or da scientists. Who are ya?" BoB asked. "I'm in charge of health and safety here, making sure nobody gets hurt." "Okay, next question den: how far iz we from earth?" "We're not even in the same solar system," the health and safety inspector said. "Right, but if ya were to take the ship dat brough ya here back, how long would it take ta get back?" BoB asked. "It would take at least a couple of months to get back." "Den how do ya get the budilight rocks back home?" BoB asked. "Every week, we teleport it back. In fact, we're doing it today." "And now, for BoB's last question, where would BoB find everyone's records?" BoB asked. "It would be on the 18th floor, but you'll need a key to get in." "Tanks! BoB'll be going to the 18th floor den," BoB said, getting up. BoB ran into the elevator, and hit the button for the 18th floor.

"Celliri, wat doez dat remote BoB picked up earlier do?" BoB asked. "Scans indicate it is used for a multitude of functions, including lock picking, laser cutting, and it also has access to the teleport systems of this facility," Celliri said. The doors opened on the 18th floor, and BoB walked down the hallway. BoB came to a door, and scanned his card. The door opened, and BoB saw tons of file cabinets lining every wall. BoB found the one labeled H-K, and started looking around for a file labeled "health and safety." "Aha!" BoB yelled, as he found the file. BoB opened it, and started reading it out loud. "Health and safety inspector: John Smith? Well, dat don't seem right." "John Smith is a very common name, BoB," Celliri said. "Dat's da problem. It so common, yet nobody'z actually named dat. It'z just wat people use wen dey want to be secret. Celliri, do ya have a picture of dat guys face?" BoB asked. "Yes. Both his face and voice pattern have been saved to the databases," answered Celliri. "Good. Search it, see who dat guy iz," BoB said. BoB's smart watch started flashing with images as it searched for any match, and finally a page appeared. "Oh no. Dat iz very extremely bad and not good," BoB said. A voice came on over a loud speaker. "Attention everyone. Please report to the 20th floor for weekly budilite transport."

"Celliri, how long does dis base have before it goes boom?" "There's thirty minutes left until this base explodes," Celliri said. "BoB better hurry den," BoB said, as he rushed to the door. BoB scanned his card, but nothing happened. "Someone'z locked BoB in!" BoB yelled. "BoB, you have that remote, just point that remote at the door and push the power button! It will automatically use whichever setting is best." BoB pulled out the remote, and pointed it at the door. The door unlocked, and BoB ran to the elevator. BoB pounded on the floor 20 button, and the elevator flew up. BoB rushed out the doors, and to the end of the hall. BoB used the remote, and the door swung open. Inside the room was a huge circular room, half the size of a football stadium, with tiers of seats leading down to the floor. On the furthest end of the room was a metal plate, with some sort of laser pointed at it, and tons of mine carts lined up. "Attention everyone!" BoB yelled. The room was so huge, nobody heard him. "Celliri, can da remote mess up their speakerz?" BoB asked. "As long as it's pointed at a speaker, just press the button, and use it like a microphone," Celliri said. BoB pressed the button, and spoke into the remote like it was a microphone.

"Attention everyone! Dis place must be evacuated immediately!" He shouted, and everyone turned to look at him as he walked down the tiers of seats. "If BoB prediction iz correct, and it iz, becauze BoB'z been there, dis whole place is about to blow up in, well, now it's about twenty minutes. BoB know exactly who responsible fur dis, so if ya see him, don't let him get away!" BoB yelled. "Celliri, open that page ya had up before, and project it onto da wall," BoB said, holding the remote away so nobody could hear him. The page appeared on the wall. "Now, look at dat page. Dat person right dare iz yer health and safety inspector, right? Well, he's actually head of a company, which iz in deals to buy almost every transportation business. Buses, cars, trucks, spaceships, everything. If everyone got teleporterz, he'd go out of business, so he came here ta ruin everythin. If ya see him, grab him, make sure he can't get away!" BoB yelled, as the whole building shook. Right next to BoB, someone ran past. "Dat's him! Get him!" BoB yelled, and someone grabbed him. 

"Open the teleport and get everyone out of here!" BoB yelled. The device pointed at the metal plate started to glow, and then shot out a beam. On the metal plate, a portal opened, and through it, BoB could see a factory. "Just step through dat portal dare, den yer safe!" BoB said, and everyone started running. "Wait a minute!" BoB yelled through the speakers. "If everyone's running towards da portal, who's holding the evil guy?" BoB said. BoB saw the person impersonating a health and safety inspector running towards the portal, and ran to grab him. BoB grabbed him just feet away from the portal, as everyone else ran through. "Now, BoB'z got somewhere fur ya to go," BoB said, and pointed the remote at the portal. He pressed the button, and the view changed to a jail cell. BoB pushed him through, and saw two cops on the other side. "Oh, don't mind BoB, BoB just put dis guy in here fur now. He'z blowing up da budilite mining facility on planet... BoB don't know the name actually. Da point iz, he'z blowing something up, and you'll probably see it on the news in about..." BoB checked his watch. "Fifteen minutes. Oh, dat means BoB only have fifteen minutes to get out of here. Bye!" BoB said, closing the portal.

BoB ran to the elevator, and pressed the button for floor four. The elevator doors opened, and BoB ran to his escape pod. He opened the door, and rushed inside. "BoB, whatever you do, don't pull that dematerialization lever," Celliri said, as BoB pulled the dematerialization lever. "Oops." "BoB, flip the green switch. It'll stall us dematerializing. You haven't carved the message into the wall yet, and if we leave, we'll cause another paradox," Celliri said. BoB flipped the green switch, and instead of the normal wheezing sound, it sounded like a car engine stuttering. BoB rushed outside, got in the elevator, and pressed floor 3, where the remote was held in the forcefield. BoB got his remote ready, and as soon as the doors opened, pressed the button. The forcefield disappeared, and BoB grabbed the other remote.

"BoB, it's very important to remember which remote is which. If you put the one that you've been carrying around this whole time away, then that will cause a paradox." "Yeah, BoB'z holding da remote BoB just grabbed in BoB'z left hand," BoB said, as he pressed the floor four button on the elevator. "Or wuz it BoB'z right?" BoB said as the doors opened. "Let'z see, how wuz it when BoB found it? Uh... It wus in.. dat cabinet! Yes!" BoB yelled, as he ran to the cabinet on the wall behind his escape pod. BoB opened it, and found a couple pieces of his old escape pod in there. "Oh, so dat why we wuz here in da first place," BoB said, as the took them out, and put the one remote in. "Now wat Celliri?" BoB asked. "You need to do the coordinates! Use the laser cutter on the remote!" Celliri yelled. "BoB, the stalling won't work much longer. The engine's will get to full power, and then the whole escape pod will disappear," Celliri said, as BoB cut the numbers into the wall. "Done!" BoB yelled. He picked up the escape pod prices, jumped into his escape pod, and shut the door. He heard a boom, and a screeching sound as his escape pod dematerialized instantly. "Dat wuz close. Now, where next?" BoB asked himself.

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