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The Power Plant - Part 2

BoB's escape pod materialized in the room against the wall, six hours earlier, and ten feet to the left. "Celliri, iz we dare?" BoB asked. "Yes. We have arrived at our destination," Celliri said. BoB swung the door open, and looked around. He saw the forcefield in the center of the room, and walked towards it. Inside was the remote BoB had picked up earlier. "Who are you?" said someone, pressing a gun to BoB's back. "Oh, can ya pleaze not point dat thing at BoB?" BoB said, and turned towards the person pointing the weapon at him. "Peeplez point gun at BoB all da time, itz gettin really old. At least put sum veriety in yer threat! Dare'z been spears pointed at BoB occasionally to, but never something interestin," BoB said. "Why can't sumone put a mace in front uv BoB'z face? Or maybe an ax? How about a bow an arrow? Maybe sumone could try a catapult? Actully no, BoB doezn't need a catapult, dat to big. Maybe dey could have a little tiny pocket catapult? Oh, dat a good idea, BoB should suggest dat to sumone when BoB'z bein' threatened. Doez ya have a pocket catapult by any chance?" "Enough of your blabbering!" yelled the guard. "Who are you, and how'd you get into a top secret vault in the middle of space?" The guard asked. "BoB'z very important, ya better not shoot BoB, or yer boss will be mad with ya," BoB said. "We'll see about that. I'm going to take you to him for questioning, and we'll see if he even knows who you are," said the guard. "Oh, good!" BoB said. "Take BoB to yer leader then," BoB said as the guard led him out of the room, and into an elevator.

"Twenty seven floorz? Dis iz a big place, especially fur being underground," BoB said, looking at the buttons in the elevator. The guard pressed the button for the 27th floor, and the elevator rose very quickly, knocking BoB to the ground. BoB got back up, and was led out the doors by the guard. The room around BoB was the same hexagon shape as the one BoB had just left, but much larger. The walls were made of gold and silver, and the carpet seemed to be made out of a strange alien animal BoB hadn't seen before.  In the center of the room was a desk, also made of solid gold, and a chair, turned backwards. "Sir, we captured this intruder on floor four," said the guard. The person in the chair turned around, and looked familiar to BoB. "Ya know, ya look kinda like Trump if he got his fat butt in shape, and wuz much younger," BoB said. The person was dressed in a suit, and had an obviously fake orange tan, and was wearing a live cat on his head. "It is for intergalactic Trump Worship Day, where everyone over a certain net worth must try their hardest to look like emperor Trump. Now, who are you, intruder?" the person asked.

"Dis iz BoB, on very important secret business. BoB'z a, uh..." BoB looked around the room, and saw a poster on one of the walls. "Professional sign inspector! And BoB iz very secretly under cover, see? BoB can't have anyone know dare a sign inspector running around, inspectin all their signs to make sure dey up with sign standards, or dey might tamper with da signs. Den BoB couldn't inspect da signs properly, ya see?" BoB said. "Professional sign inspector? I've never even heard of that," said the person. "Datz why it a secret," BoB said. "Can I see some form of identification then, Mr. Sign Inspector?" "BoB can't carry identificationz, or else somone might find out BoB iz a professional sign inspector, see?" BoB said. "That makes sense to me. Now, do you need anyone to escort you around to inspect all these signs, Mr. BoB?" asked the person. "No, dat would make da whole secret bit uv BoB'z job pointless. But ya could make sure BoB can go anywhere in here without guards annoying' BoB?" BoB asked. "Sure, just take this pass," said the person, handing BoB a shiny card. "Tanks!" BoB said, and got into the elevator.

BoB pressed a random button, and the elevator went down quickly, knocking BoB to the floor again. The doors opened, and there was a sign, saying "Floor 15: Science & Planning." BoB walked down a hallway until it split into two paths. BoB chose the path on the left, and kept going until he came to a door. It had no door handle, but instead had a place to insert a card. BoB put the shiny card he got from upstairs in the slot, then took it back out again. The door rose up, and BoB walked inside a huge room. It had rows of desks, descending like bleachers, and the furthest end of the room was taken up by a giant floor to ceiling monitor. BoB saw a person walking past, so he walked up and started talking.

"Hello Mr. Scientist. BoB'z just doing a routine knowledge check, so BoB'll need to ask ya a couple questionz to make sure ya know wat yer doing here," BoB said. "First question: What'z da purpose uv a twnty seven floor building under ground?" BoB asked. "This place is a mining facility, built to obtain... wait, routine knowledge check?" said the scientist. "Yup, routine knowledge check. It'z a new policy, see," BoB answered. "What do you mean new? We've had this ever since this place has been up and running. In fact, we just had one two days ago," the scientist said. "Oh. Well, itz an old policy, but dis onez a surprise knowledge check, so nobody can just study da questions before hand. Now, second question: Wat iz ya mining down here?" BoB asked. "We're mining for budilite, a very rare material on earth, but very common on this new planet," said the scientist. "Third question: Budilite? Who named dis? Did dey get sued? "It's called budilite because the person who discovered it was very drunk, and thought it would be funny." "Fourth Question: Wat does budilite do?"  "It provides a new form of energy, that no other known material is able to produce. The energy is used to make teleporters work, but since there's not much budilite on earth, it's very expensive, and teleporters are only for the very rich at the moment. If we can start mining the budilite here, hopefully teleporters can become cheap enough for everyone to afford one."

"Tanks fur yer time, now, can ya direct BoB to da minerz?" BoB asked. "Just go to floor one, and then use the special elevator to get down into the mines. Just make sure you put on one of the space suits that are in the hall, you need it before you go into the mines," said the scientist. "Bye den," BoB said, and walked away. The door rose automatically, and BoB went back to the elevator. BoB hit floor 1, and fell over as it descended. BoB got out, into a rocky dome, with only the floor being covered by metal. Across from him was an elevator, and space suits hanging on the wall. BoB put a space suit on, and got in the elevator. He hit the only button in the elevator, and it went down into the mines. 

The doors opened, and BoB saw a very large tunnel, where the sides seemed to be made of a light blue crystal, and they glowed a blueish green color. On the floor, a light purple fog floated. When BoB walked, it got swept around. "Hello, iz anyone dare?" BoB asked. "BoB, you need to turn your radio on," said Celliri. "Celliri, how iz ya talkin to BoB if da radio izn't on?" BoB asked. "It's the smart watch you're wearing BoB. It automatically connects to most speakers in most futuristic space suits. To turn the radio on, press the button on the side of your helmet," Celliri said. BoB pressed the button, and called out again. "Iz anyone dare?" BoB asked, as he kept walking through the tunnel. He saw a group of people up ahead, and walked up to them. BoB tapped one of them on the shoulder, so they turned around, and turned on their radio.

"Scuze BoB, do ya have time for a routine knowledge check? Ya just had one two days ago, but itz a new policy to have a surprise one," BoB said. "No, it's time for a routine knowledge check, the last one was two days late," said the miner. "Oh, right, dat wuz just, uh, a test to see if ya pay attention. Now, first question den: how long has dis mining expedition gone on, and when will ya leave?" BoB asked."It's been a couple months since it started, and we plan to leave when this area of the planet is mined out, then in a couple months we'll build a new base on the other side, and mine that out. We're supposed to keep doing this until the entire planet is mined out," the miner said. "Now, second question: how much of dis stuff doez ya mine a day?" BoB asked. "We can get about ten carts a day worth of budilite mined, but..." "But wat?" BoB asked. "Sometimes it seems to disappear. Like yesterday, we mined nine carts full, but when we put it on the upper floors, in storage, eight carts of it disappeared. This has gone on ever since we've got here," said the miner. "Oh, so somone'z stealin dis stuff? Well, it can't be to hard to find den, it'z only one location. Yer the only onez one this planet, fight? No alienz, no other minerz?" BoB asked. "No, it's only us," said the miner. "Well, it'z easzy den. BoB'll find yer stealer person, don't worry. Really, how hard could it be?"


To be continued...

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