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BoB on the Water Planet

BoB's escape pod started to materialize, and the lights flashed. BoB walked over to the door, and looked out the glass. It looked like BoB had landed in an aquarium. Suddenly, a shark swam at the glass, hitting its head, and swimming away. "Celliri, why BoB underwater?" BoB asked. "This whole planet we've landed on is underwater. But  don't worry. We have a force field around the exterior," Celliri said, and BoB opened the door. "But it hasn't fully been put up yet, because we've just landed," Celliri said as water gushed in. BoB shut the door, and grabbed a bucket.

BoB scooped up water in the bucket, opened the door, and started bailing out as more water gushed in. The water kept flooding in, faster than BoB could bail it out. "BoB, get on a diving suit!" Celliri yelled, and BoB ran off to put one on. When he came back into the control room, he saw it was filled halfway with water, but more didn't seem to be coming in because of the force field.. BoB shut the door as water gushed out, into the rest of his escape pod. "Celliri, how we gonna get dis water out?" BoB asked. "The water will evaporate. Once you're gone, I'll turn the heat to the maximum so the water will evaporate faster," Celliri said.

BoB put on his diving suit helmet, and walked outside. There was a little map in the corner of his helmet, with an arrow pointing towards the piece of his escape pod. BoB was looking at the arrow, and not where he was going, when a shark swam at him. It tried to bite him, but BoB swam over it. BoB swam as fast as he could, but the shark was catching up.

BoB kicked it in the face, and it started to swim away. "HAHA, TAKE DAT YA DUM SHARK!" BoB yelled, and the shark started to turn back around. "NEVER MIND! BOB SORRY! BOB VERY VERY SORRY!" BoB yelled as he swam away from the shark again. "That shark shouldn't have been able to hear you through your diving helmet," said Celliri. "Oh sure, BoB really care about dat now!" BoB said.

Up ahead, BoB could see a bunch of metal dome like buildings, with tunnels connecting them. BoB swam as fast as he could towards them. 

BoB got closer to the building, and circled around it, looking for a door. When he found one, it slid open, and BoB went inside. BoB expected the doors to close automatically, but when they didn't, he looked around for a button. He found one, and repeatedly pressed it. The doors he came in shut right before the shark could get him, and the other side of the air lock opened up. BoB took off his helmet, and looked around. He saw lights on the ceiling, but they were just bright enough to see by. He seemed to be in some kind of kitchen, with a stove across the room from him. BoB saw a window, and looked through it. He saw the shark staring back at him. "Ha ha ya poopy shark! Ya can't get BoB! Ya would have to break da window!" BoB said. The shark hit the glass, and the glass cracked the tiniest bit. "Oh. Well, even if ya did get in, ya wouldn't have any water to swim in! Ya could only get BoB if ya broke the hole place down!" BoB said. Suddenly, he herd a bumping noise from the other side of the building. BoB turned his head slightly, and saw there were lots more sharks outside. "Oh. Ya brought friends, did ya?" BoB asked. Suddenly, there were lots of loud thumping sounds as sharks rammed the building, and water started leaking in...



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