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BoB's Final Time Travel Adventure (for a while anyway) (Part 1)

Last week, as you recall, BoB jousted, nearly got burned at the stake by crazy medieval people, and decided he would fight the dragon if they let him go. They agreed, and BoB fought the dragon, only to find it was Evil BoB in a robotic dragon suit. Evil BoB had gotten in his evil version of BoB's escape pod (a smaller-on-the-outside Paramedic Personal Call Box) and flew into the sky. BoB chased after him in his escape pod, and tried to ram him. Before he could, Evil BoB dematerialized, and BoB did, too, in order to chase him. As soon as BoB did, he heard a crashing noise, and his whole escape pod shook.

"Oooh, dat dan Evul BoB!" BoB shouted to nobody. BoB was running around the control panel, pushing buttons and pulling levers, pretending he knew what he was doing, and looked a the Wii U game pad that displayed the picture for his security camera,where he saw bits of rainbowy debris floating all around his escape pod outside. "Celliri, analyze dat floaty stuffz out dare," BoB said into a microphone on the control panel. "Analysis complete. It appears to be debris from some form of bomb." said Celliri, BoB's computer system. "BoB-Omb!" BoB shouted randomly, and went back to the controls.  

He pulled on the joystick, but nothing happened. "Celliri, why BoB not movin?" BoB asked. "The explosion seems to have stalled the flight circuits. We can not move anywhere currently," said Celliri. "Hmmmm...." said BoB, as he thought (which took all of his brain power). "Aha! Celliri, is it safe to go out there?" BoB asked. "No. The debris seems to be giving off an unidentified form of radiation. It would not be wise to go out there," said Celliri. "Oh well, dat's to bad. BoB would have liked if it were safe," BoB said, as he tied a rope from under the control panel to the inside of his escape pod. "What are you doing?" asked Celliri. "Jumping!" BoB said, as he jumped out the now open doors. "Gearomino!" BoB yelled, as he fell. "The correct word is Geronimo," said Celliri, But BoB didn't hear.

BoB was now floating under his escape pod, in the orange tunnel of energy surrounding everything. BoB reached out, and tried to grab a piece of debris, but it seemed to float farther away. BoB realized the debris wan't floating away, he and his his escape pod were. He saw that his escape pod was floating towards a sheer drop down a tube of fire. He realized he had to hurry up, and snatched desperately at debris. He finally grabbed a piece, and started climbing his rope. He got to the top, and started climbing in, pushing the debris forward first. Once he got in, he shut the doors quickly, and was safe once again.

"Celliri, analyze wat dis ding iz doing so the scape pod can't move," BoB said. "I can not do it. The radiation seems to prevent me," said Celliri. "Hmmmm... maybe BoB can reverse the polarity of the moron flow..." BoB said, and got his magic wand out of one of his smaller-on-the-outside-pockets. He tapped the debris, and the rainbow glow faded from it. "Item analyzed. Reversing it's commands.... The Escape pod should be able to move again." "Celliri, find the machine dis was lunched from, and track it," BoB said. "Tracking now," said Celliri, and the floor shook as they were in motion. On the Wii U screen, BoB saw Evil BoB's green escape pod, and grabbed the joystick. BoB pushed forwards, and rammed Evil BoB's escape pod. At  least he thought so, but he heard a wheezing noise, and figured out that Evil BoB had rematerialized. BoB did so too, grabbed something off the control panel, and walked to the doors. He opened them, and next to him was a green Paramedic Personal Call Box. He noticed the ground was covered in purple sand, and realized he wasn't on earth anymore.

BoB knocked on it, and waited. "Hello? Iz dare anyone home? Dis iz a flower delivery," he said when there was no response. There was a wheezing noise, and Evil BoB's escape pod was gone. BoB got back in his own escape pod, and took off again. "BoB put a tracking device on Evil BoB'z scape pod, so now BoB can track dem!" BoB said to Celliri. BoB looked on an old fashioned radar screen, and saw the dot was close to his. "Dat odd... It like he really near BoB..." BoB said, and the whole room spun as his escape pod was rammed by Evil BoB's.


To be continued...

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