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Smiling mad, he's so happy

BoB's backstory

Nobody really knows what BoB’s backstory is, and BoB himself is too crazy to ever tell us in a comprehensible way, so this is to the best of our knowledge what happened to BoB before he became whatever he is today.

It’s suspected that his parents were scientists working for the government. Nobody knows what they were working on in there. Some suspect it could have been some kind of invincibility shot to give soldiers because almost nothing seems to hurt BoB. Others think it might have been an elastic suit due to Bob’s ability to stretch. And still others think it could have been a device to cut through metal, because BoB loves to eat metal. It is suspected that most of BoB’s relatives worked in the laboratory as well. One day for unknown reasons, the laboratory suddenly exploded, killing both of BoB’s parents. This explosion affected all of BoB’s relatives, who are believed to have escaped, differently. It is thought that since BoB himself was the closest to the blast, the explosion blasted all the experiments in to his body, giving him all the strange powers he has today. He tries his best to be helpful, but due to his poor judgment and irrational ways of doing stuff, most things he helps with often fail. BoB never really knows what he’s doing, and always thinks he’s helping someone, even if he’s doing the exact opposite. 




BoB's like & dislikes

BoB’s likes:



Favorite food: Metal (Specifically gold)

Favorite color: He says “Flupa Goop?


Favorite video game: Super Mario bros.

Favorite book: He tears them all apart instead of ever reading them. (Actually we think he is claiming he read Harry Potter)

Favorite activity: It’s tied between, banging his head into walls, doing the BoB boogie, doing the BoB boogie in the middle of the road, and designing shirts.

Favorite article of clothing: His original Smappy BoB T-shirt (Also please note that he is naked most of the time)

Best friend: None (We think he says that his piggy bank “Bert” is his friend)

Favorite video game character: Metal Mario

Favorite famous person: He says: “SLUPERG BOB!” (We think this means super BoB.)

Favorite childhood toy: He says “TOILET!”

Favorite app: He says: “Lago krnabler!”

Favorite word: He says: “BUNGALA!” (It’s also a tie between that and smappy) 



BoB’s Dislikes:



Least favorite food: Glass (this wouldn’t count for anyone but BoB)

Least favorite color: He says: “PURPLE! PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE! Purple!”

Least favorite song: Any by Justin Bieber (Actually he says: “TURD CRUGGLER!”)

Least favorite video game: He says: “Snarfgrabbler 2.0”

Least favorite book: Any that’s not Harry Potter (Plus he can’t even read)

Least favorite activity: Reading, not making T-shirts, and anything that involves brain activity (BoB is a medical miracle, he literally is completely brainless)

Least favorite article of clothing: His suits

Least favorite person: He says: “BOB!”

Least favorite video game character: He says: “Robo-Blungernarg!”

Least favorite famous person: “BOB!!!!!!!!”

Least favorite childhood toy: He says: “Blarzangerfignarg”

Least favorite app: He says: “MOO LAND GANGBLARDZARP!”

Least favorite word: Un-smappy

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